Monday, October 24, 2011

Had a wonderful weekend!

Friday started it off with eating lunch with Rachel at school. I signed up to give her teacher a lunch break, so I went in and watched her class so her teacher didn't have to. Got to meet some of the kids Rachel always talks about. Later that night was "Spike's Spooktacular." A little carnival at their school complete with games and rides. Got each kid 24 tickets each in advance, and Brandon ended up having to buy 12 extra while there. I ran the karaoke booth for an hour. Rachel won a goldfish, and she was really excited about that, but it ended up dying. :( We'll have to go get another fish.

Saturday, we went to the Skytop Orchard (apple orchard) with my dad, Sarah, and her kids. The kids played, we went on the hayless hay ride, Brandon and Rachel went off and picked a few apples, then we bought some apples, cider, and a little pumpkin for Michaela to take to school at their store.

Sunday we went on a drive up into the mountains and drove some of the Blueridge Parkway. We stopped a couple times and hiked some trails. Both the orchard and driving in the mountains to admire the fall leaves is a tradition our family does almost every year.

Brandon got a new calling this weekend as well. He is now 2nd counselor in the Stake Sunday School presidency. It's his first stake calling.

Sometime soon I'll have to come back and write about our other fun happenings from earlier this month. :)

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Rachel said...

I love that story.