Monday, March 5, 2012

New kitchen table!

We just ordered a new kitchen table. :) I'm soooooo excited! We've had our current table for almost 12 years. Only four chairs with it, and we have five people currently in our family, with hopes to increase our numbers someday. As it is, we can never sit and eat as a family anymore. Brandon is usually not eating with us and eats later, or he kneels on the floor at the table on rare occasions, which isn't ideal. We're getting a larger table, with eight chairs. Very cute too! I love the white with the dark cherry tops. Very charming and country looking. Both Brandon and I fell in love with this set right away, and we both knew that after a long year-long search, we finally found our table!

Once we get this table, our current table will be going to my sister.

Link to view our table!

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