Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last day of ballet!

Today was the girls' last day of ballet for this season. I thought there'd be a couple more classes in May, but they're doing it differently this year. We don't do the end of year performance since it's been on a Sunday both years. Last year, they still had a couple classes in May before the performance. This year, they aren't. . .just picture taking in costumes and dress rehearsals. I really wish they could be part of it. . .the dances are sooo cute! I feel bad, but we're not doing it since they have to have the program on Sunday. :( Rachel's teacher was disappointed that she wouldn't be in it since she's one of the better dancers in the class. We were supposed to be charged half tuition for May, but I went and asked about it since they're not doing anything in May since they're not in the program, and they said they wouldn't charge us! :)

Still awaiting the schedule for the fall classes. Rachel wants to stop tap/ballet and do clogging instead. She also wants to do violin or piano. Don't have either of those! We'll have to start looking into that. Not sure where we'd put a piano in our house! Maybe in the loft? I think we need a bigger house! Maybe violin would be better right now. . .if I could find a violin teacher!

Oh, and Daisy's will be wrapping up here in about a month or so. She'll be bridging to Brownie's in June, I believe it is. Then, Brownie meetings will begin in September.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mamas and Pajamas

Tonight Rachel had a mother/daughter activity with Girl Scouts that we went to. Our first! :) It was called Mamas and Pajamas since everyone had to wear their PJ's. Each of the girls got a water bottle to decorate, and magnetic picture frame to decorate, they took our picture together, painted each others nails, had karaoke, some dancing, 3 troops did skits, refreshments. We had lots of fun! Rachel said this one was more fun than the cowboy/cowgirl father/daughter dance she had a couple months ago! :) She liked going in PJ's. She also got a patch for the event to put on her tunic. Oh, there was also door prizes being handed out. . . .she didn't get anything. . . can anyone guess how she reacted after yesterday's post? lol She really needs to work on handling disappointment.
Edited to add the Daddy/Daughter pic from January. . .I was thinking that since I had mentioned it, but never actually posted about it at the time, I'd at least share the pic from then. This was January 26, and Rachel decorated her cowgirl hat we got at Michaels.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wolf Walk

Rachel's school had a "Wolf Walk" today. Raising money for technology equipment for the school. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera! All of us went since Brandon wasn't feeling too great and took some PTO today. I had originally planned to just go by myself with the other girls. They walked around the bus loop, then got free snow cones, and handed out prizes to those who helped raise the most money. We gave $10, and didn't ask anyone for any money for this since we had already sold Chick-fil-A calendars and Girl Scout Cookies! So, Rachel didn't raise much, and didn't get a prize with our measly $10. lol Poor thing was so upset that she didn't get a prize. There was a pizza party awarded to the 3 classes in the school that earned the most as a class. Rachel's class was one of them! :) So, Brandon and I tried to console her and remind her that at least she'll be getting pizza with her class. . . . .

She also got her class picture and spring pictures back today. The class picture turned out really good! All the kids look nice, and ALL of them are in it! Her spring pics look nice too. We have to decide to either pay for them, or send them back. Not sure what we're doing yet with those. $45 for the 5 sheets they offer. Or, pick and choose any number of sheets you want for $12 a sheet, send the unwanted ones back. If you pick 4 sheets and send one back. . .it's $48. . .lol. May as well at that point just keep them all and pay $3 less! Who's going to actually only keep four sheets?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"It doesn't pop when I blow!"

Rachel brought home a blow pop today. I let her have it. It's her first one. She opens it, blows on it, then says, "It doesn't pop when I blow!" She had a VERY disappointed tone! I think she was excited to see it pop after blowing on it. I told her that it isn't going to pop, it's a lollipop. So, she asked, "Why is it called a blow pop then?" lol She didn't realize there was gum inside it!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Michaela!

My little girl turned 3 on Saturday! We went up to Williamsburg and celebrated at Busch Gardens and with G & G Avery. We bought her a Spongebob cake, and it was an ABSOLUTE hit! Both of the older girls loved it. :)

The big birthday girl!

Spongebob Cake!

Blow out the candles!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Half Birthday to. . . . .

Alyssa! I can't believe my baby is . . . . . .


The time has flown. She's so small. . .a lady at IHOP this morning said she looked more like 3 or 4 months old, and still had that newborn cry. lol I don't know about the newborn cry since I can tell it's changed some, but she is quite small! Still wearing 0-3 month clothes, and starting to get into the 3-6's! Hasn't reached any of the milestones yet. She can skooch around on her back, but won't hold herself up, doesn't really roll over, hates tummy time, doesn't play with toys/won't hold things, is no where near being able to sit on her own or propped up (she'll tip over if we do), won't eat solid foods. . . .she ACTS like a newborn. . .lazy kid! She IS 6 months old. . . . .promise! She's content with the way things are I guess even though we try to get her to strengthen her muscles to do the things babies her age typically do.

Oh, also today. . . .8 years ago today. . . .Brandon proposed to me! :) I love you, Hon!

He's off!

So, I took Brandon to the airport this morning. . . . He was originally supposed to leave at 6 am, and we'd leave home at 4. Blah! American decided to ground some planes and some flights were canceled, including his first one. So, he was given a new flight on Delta that left at 10:30 instead, so we got to sleep in! He said to just keep Rachel home today, so I did. We left home around the time she'd be heading out to the bus stop. After dropping him off at the airport, I took the girls to IHOP. :) They liked that. He'll arrive back home on Monday night. We'll miss you, Daddy!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brandon's Grandma died :(

April 3rd, his maternal grandma passed away. He's been looking for the best deal on plane tickets to go to the funeral, which will be in Idaho. It'll be this Thursday. I'm gonna miss him, but feel it's important for him to be there. He'll be going alone since it's so much $$$$. He wants to leave Wednesday, and will come back Sunday or Monday. Lots of nights alone in the house with my kids. . .scary! Hopefully Heavenly Father will watch out for us!