Monday, June 30, 2008

Garden update

So, we get back from our trip, and our garden has majorly grown! I even had the weeds under control before leaving, and in 10 days we're back to having a serious weed problem. I spent today getting a lot of them pulled out, but still have lots to do. I thought the squash plants I got from Kmart and transplanted weren't going to make it since they were looking pathetic. But, to my surprise, they are thriving! Came back to big, healthy squash plants! :) Everything is doing well, I'm happy to report. Except maybe a couple of the cantaloupe plants that look the same size as they were before we headed out of town. The tomatoes and cucumbers are starting to get flowers. :) Need to plant the pumpkin seeds soon!

Here's a current pic of the garden:

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's my anniversary!

So, today was me and Brandon's anniversary! :) 8 whole years that have flown by! Last Friday we got a babysitter and went out to eat together, just us. :) Went to Olive Garden. . .again. . . I love OG! Did a little shopping and then got Chick-fil-A shakes before heading home.

Today, Brandon got to work from home. So, I didn't get to have the computer ALL DAY today! We went out to Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight as a family.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bridging Ceremony from Daisys to Brownies :)

This weekend, Rachel bridged from Daisy Girl Scouts to Brownies! She is WAY excited to be a Brownie now! Michaela looks forward to being old enough for Girl Scouts someday. . . .2 more years and she'll be Daisy age! There was also a picnic afterwards, and lots of fun and playing was had. :) Her troop leader choose the sash for them over the vest for their uniform. . .I'm excited she chose that because I think it looks nicer. The other troop they bridged with choose the vest. She even already has a Brownie Try-It on her sash! At their last Daisy meeting, they got together with a Brownie troop to learn about what it's like to be a Brownie, and earned the Sharing and Caring Try-It.

Pictures from the event:

Group story with actions:

Rachel bridging from Daisy's to Brownies:

Rachel and her friend, H, from a couple houses down.

My Garden!

A week after the project had been started, they came back again and finished up on May 24th. That Saturday was spent transferring some of the grass around the area to make my garden larger than was originally there and then transplanting in the grass-less circle where the previous owners put their swimming pool. They also got a tiller and tilled up the ground, Brandon made some rows for me, and I got two of them planted that Saturday afternoon. Monday, Memorial Day, I finished planting everything else but the pumpkin seeds. . . .too early for those! Don't want pumpkins in late August/early September. . . . Last Friday I started to see some of my plants coming up! Only from the two rows I planted on Saturday. None of the Monday plantings have sprouted, but I'm sure within a few days now. . . .

Here's some before/during/after pics of our back yard garden project!



During pics: