Monday, September 5, 2011

We live in SC now

Guess I've neglected my blog for a while now. Then, found it again recently. We moved from Raleigh last February and came to SC, and live near my parents. We've been trying to sell our house in Raleigh with no luck, and are living in an apartment while we wait.

With all the recent stress and frustrations in life, Brandon felt the girls and I needed a break from each other, so they are temporarily in public school this year. Rachel is in 4th grade, and Michaela is in 1st. They are at Brushy Creek, and I like this school soooo much better than Timber Drive in Garner, NC that Rachel went to in Kindergarten. They are educating at level and being challenged. So, if they must go, at least I'm happy with their school and teachers. :) Alyssa is home with me during the days, and we work on preschool level work together.

That's the quick update for now. I'm hoping I'll be posting more regularly in the future. :D

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Doranna said...

oh i love the new pic of the cute girlies!