Thursday, October 30, 2008

FHE - Pumpkin Carving

So, last Monday we carved our pumpkin that Aunt Judy gave us for FHE and had our annual Halloween treat. . . Ghosts in the Graveyard. It's a family favorite. We've made it every year since Rachel was very little.

Our pumpkin before surgery!

Cleaning it out

Daddy drawing on the face Rachel designed while Michaela looks on.

All done!


The kids anxiously awaiting the treat:

Michaela with Jack and Graveyard treat:

1st Birthday pictures!

Ok, so I have soooooo much to catch up on. Been WAY too busy. . .and of course that means LOTS to talk about, and little time to do so. Here's some pics from Alyssa's birthday.

What's a birthday without presents!?
Thank you to Grandparents Turpin, Grandparents Doyal, and Great-Grandparents Avery
and Mommy and Daddy

Checking out a new high chair toy:

October Birthday Girl and her Halloweenish cake

Yay! Everyone just sang a song about me, so it MUST be a reason to clap!

Balloons are fun!

Eating cake

My two favorite "after eating cake" pics:

Trying out some of her new toys for her swing.

We sign our kids up for the Baskin Robins Birthday Club before their first birthdays.
Here's Alyssa eating her first free BR birthday ice cream!

All Done!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby!

Today was Alyssa's first birthday! We actually celebrated with cake/ice cream and presents last night since tonight was gymnastics, and I didn't want her celebration to be rushed after getting back before bed. I haven't downloaded the pics yet, so I'll have to share those later.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can't believe you're a year old already. :(

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My dad is going to Baghdad

For 3 months and I'm so scared! He leaves on the 13th. He's had military training (I'm an Army brat); but he's a 55 year old man now and it's scary over there. He's going there for a construction project his company is working on, not the war, so at least he's not fighting, but it's still scary over there and he'll stick out like a sore thumb as an American. I can't stop crying. Why do they have to send my dad there? Why are they doing a project there? When I first heard of the possibility, I thought it was going to be a one or two week thing. (Like when he went to Haiti for a week.) Now, it's for sure and 3 months now.