Friday, January 30, 2009

January . . . .What a tough month it's been for Rachel

So, if you have read the post right under this one, you'll know that poor Rachel started out the month sick with some kind of bug. She was fine that whole Saturday, then boom! Started getting sick Saturday night, and the next day was supposed to be her first day in CTR 7. Luckily, she quickly got over that one.

January 9th she had her crowns put in to cover her back teeth. (She was born with a condition that causes her to have no enamel for those that didn't know. That's why her teeth look yellow.) I took her to the hospital; Brandon took the day off to stay home with the other two. They were REALLY good with her! After registering, they took us back to a pre-op area where they made her feel comfortable, play games, watch cartoons, play on a computer, DRAW ON THE SHEETS WITH MARKERS (she really liked that one since she'll NEVER be able to do that at home). They had a dog puppet named Mr. Wrinkles that they used to demonstrate what was going to happen to her. She got to decorate her gas mask with stickers (which she got to take home). They gave her necklaces and a headband to make her feel like a princess and told her "when you wake up you'll have princess crowns on your teeth." She was really enjoying it and loving being there since it was "so much fun!"

Then the time came to put her to sleep and they took her away. I went back out to the waiting area and sat, read, and ate snacks for 2.5 hours while waiting. One of the nurses came out to me first when it was done and told me how it kinda went. She said that as they were trying to wake Rachel, the first thing out of her mouth was, "This is NOT fun!" lol Big change from before. Everything went great, and once I was able to go back there and be with her, I found a Rachel that was having a hard time waking up. I went and got the car alone and pulled up by the door to the hospital, and they wheeled her out in a wheelchair and helped her in the car. She really liked the wheelchair ride!

Angel Bear they gave her at the hospital after taking her to recovery.

Rachel with the balloon Daddy and her sisters got for her, and her gas mask from the hospital complete with stickers!

On January 16th I took her to the doctor because she had been complaining about her ear hurting. They said no infection in it, may have been a little red so they gave us ear drops with anti-biotics in them to put into her infected ear to clear it up. We did this for 7 days. She said her ear was feeling better while on these, and stopped hurting for a few days altogether when we were done doing the drops. So, I was thinking we were all good and clear at this point. They also tested her for strep, which came back negative.

On January 28th she started to complain about her ear again that night, and the next morning it was really bothering her. She woke up on the 29th to find that puss had oozed out of her ear that night. So, I took her back in. This time is WAS an actual ear infection. Also checked for strep again because the doctor suspected it, and she had strep as well. So, she was given amoxacillin for 10 days to clear those up. Not sure why the ear infection and strep didn't show up on the 16th, unless she was just starting to get it at that point, and wasn't strong enough for the doctors to detect yet?

So, it's been a tough month for Rachel, and mommy and daddy! Hoping that February will be happy and healthy. :)

First day of Sunbeams!

January 4th was Michaela's first day in Sunbeams and primary. What a big girl! *sniff, sniff* Can't you tell she was oh so excited from the pic? I didn't get to be there, so I was really sad to miss seeing her go into her first day of primary, but Brandon got some pics. Rachel was throwing up the night before, so I stayed home with her and Alyssa. Brandon and Michaela went to church that day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another tooth is gone!

This time, thanks goes to little sister Michaela. . . again . . . for kicking it out! She's kicked out a tooth once before as they played. The only difference this time was that this tooth wasn't AS loose as the first kicked out tooth. It was loose, but no where near ready to come out. :( There was lots of blood involved, and Rachel said it hurt pretty bad. I'm thinking they need to stop tickling each other when they're playing. . . that causes legs to go kicking other people!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Michaela's first hair cut and Thanksgiving 2008

This year we had Thanksgiving with our friends the Hammon family. They have three adorable little boys. :) Before we headed over there, I gave Michaela her first hair cut! I also cut Rachel's hair, but this wasn't her first cut. So, I'm going to include pics from both events together in one post. I never did get an "after" pic of Michaela after I cut her hair, so a pic of her at the Hammon's will have to do for that. Thank you Hammon family for having us over! We had a great time. :)

Michaela's "before" hair cut pic:

Rachel and Michaela at the table they sat at.
A good "after" pic for Michaela's hair cut!

Pic of all the kids and me:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! I love this new background. :) Fireworks are always exciting. I hope the new year brings lots of happiness and blessings to all of my friends and family.

Still need to catch up on past happenings. . . .but just wanted to at least wish everyone a Happy New Year!