Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My lil bookworms

I thought this pic was adorable. This past Monday, I picked up some $1 Halloween board books from Target. The girls decided to sit down and look at them that evening. Alyssa even wanted one too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The past couple weekends. . .part 1

TWO weekends ago on September 6, we got lots of rain from TS Hanna overnight and in the morning, and then in the afternoon we went to a Fisher Price party that Alyssa was invited to. She got some free toys for attending. She actually got two free toys instead of one since a lot of the people that were going to come, didn't. :)

The bucket was empty before the rain came:

Alyssa playing with her new, free toys! She was just too cute, so I'm posting a bunch. While I was taking several shots, she just kept laughing and smiling up a storm, so I got lots of good shots. I'm actually leaving quite a few good ones out, but here's some of my faves:

The past couple weekends. . .part 2

This past Saturday, September 13, we went to the baby reunion my RE office, Carolina Conceptions, was holding. Man! I've never seen so many sets of triplets and twins in one place in my life! There must have been about 8 sets of triplets, and the sets of twins was about double that or so. The ratio of singleton babies to multiples had to have been about 50/50. I guess that's to be expected though when you attend a baby reunion among folks who need fertility help. Kinda made me start thinking about Alyssa's twin that vanished. :( Although, her twin happened naturally, not the effect of fertility drugs since I need help to STAY pg, not GET pg. It was the first baby reunion they've held.

They had a train for the older kids to ride on, and a bouncy thing. Food, face/hand painting, door prizes. It was a good time. It was really hot though! Some pics:

Rachel and her art:

Kayla getting painted:

Kayla's ladybug:

Getting ready to go on the train:

The train in motion:

Alyssa playing with the music display there:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gymnastics is a big hit! And tooth number SIX is gone!

The girls LOVE gymnastics! Today was their second class. They enjoy it more than dance. When it's time to go, they both talk about how much fun it is, and how they don't want to leave. Rachel can't wait for next Thursday! Dance classes never got that response, although they enjoyed that too.

Today, Rachel lost tooth number six about one minute before her class started. She was sitting there with the other girls in their designated area. She was rolling around and her knee bumped her already really loose tooth, and it was out! We cleaned it up and while we were waiting for the bleeding to stop, the other girls were doing their warm up. So, she missed warm up today.

Here's some pics of them ready to go this evening before heading out:

This kid either never smiles, or gives a cheesy grin!

Both of them, Michaela is actually smiling nicely in this one!

Sister love!

Rachel's new mouth :)