Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teacher Conference

Yesterday we had the 3rd quarter teacher conference with Rachel's teacher. She's doing really well! She got a 4 in writing again, a 3* in reading again, and a 3 in everything else. Not really sure why she didn't get a 4 in math. . .guess her teacher doesn't know her adding abilities! She understands above the material they're covering. . .whatever! She got the 3* in reading because she has passed the benchmark for getting a 3 in reading for 3rd quarter, and is currently working on the benchmark to get a 4, but hasn't passed that level yet so couldn't quite get the 4. She's now working on a first grade reading level. :) I think we're going to work on reading more during track out so by the end of 4th quarter she can get the 4 in reading! :) She has a long way to go to catch up with daddy! Daddy was on a 5th grade level in first or second grade, can't remember which. Mrs. Fry also said that she's very mature for her age, has a good working pace, but is still very chatty! That's my girl. . . .chatty, chatty, chatty! lol Can't ever shut her up! The one thing she says she needs to work on is writing her last name. She's leaving out the u in it when spelling. I think that's about it. The teacher said our conference went fast since she didn't have anything bad to say about Rach.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Been a while!

Since the newest was born, I guess I just stopped coming to post anything! But, that's not surprising since I've been doing this active/inactivity cycle for years now on message boards and online journals. . .why would it be different on a blog? ha!

So, yes, she was born on October 9th as scheduled! Wasn't bumped after all! She was 7 lbs 14 oz, 20 inches long, and came at 6:22 pm. We named her Alyssa Avery. Looks like her sisters! She has brown hair though and dimples. :) Two parents both with dimples, and no dimples until the 3rd child! My induction took longer this time since the Dr didn't completely break my water. He didn't realize it until later. We were past the time frame that the other two had been out by, and we were wondering what was going on. We said a prayer that things would start happening finally because we didn't know what was going on, and I was getting scared. Five minutes after the prayer. . .the Dr came in to check me and said that I had a 2nd membrane of water that didn't break for some reason, and that was holding things back from progressing like my other labors. So, he broke it, I went from about 5-6 cm to complete and I was pushing in about 30 minutes. :) Amazing how the bag of water can delay labor like that. . .

Here are my three girls! This was taken at the hospital on October 10. The hospital gave her that pink hat. I got to pick from so many cute ones! I liked the little flower on this one, so I chose it.

I'm pretty sure I'm done having kids! Brandon wants to try again in the future in hopes of a boy, but having a baby just throws me off for a year and a half, and the existing kids suffer, and that's not fair to them. So, I'm keeping the option open, but I'm not sold on the idea of another. Maybe when Alyssa is 4-6 years old, I'll consider it!